Real Evidence of Alleged Crimes for Real World Prosecution


Dates For The Next
Grand Jury
Will Be Announced Soon!

Let YOUR VOICE be heard in the world’s most important Grand Jury Investigation! 

For the first time in history, you can be a Grand Juror in a case that involves the DEATHS OF MILLIONS of people all over the globe. 

For this purpose, we’ve put together America’s Grand Jury! The fair and balanced way to decide if Anthony Fauci should be INDICTED! We want YOU to be a Juror and cast YOUR VOTE! 

Even though America’s Grand Jury is a simulated investigation into Fauci and the government agencies overseeing our nation’s health services, the evidence gathered is factual information and will be presented for real world application of the law 

America’s Grand Jury will provide real-world evidence investigating whether Fauci and these agencies colluded with pharmaceutical companies, main stream media and big tech to: 

  1. Falsify evidence to support an allegation of a pandemic in order to incite public panic 
  2. Illegally and unethically suppress early treatment and repurposed drugs in order to promote vaccines 
  3. Justify unlawful lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates 
  4. Provide fraudulent guidance and misinformation to encourage use of a vaccine known to be unnecessary, ineffective and harmful  
  5. Censor vaccine harms and injuries, and prevent liability for vaccine adverse effects in order to increase profits 

DISCLOSURE: America’s Grand Jury is a simulated investigation of real entities and individuals with real evidence of alleged crimes. 

The People Vs Dr. Fauci

Reconvening Soon!